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    A lot of relationship with the beautiful dream of the future but all of the sudden it leads to divorce or shattered ones life. this is indeed painful. but the questions is that did you observe any traces of danger in future when you are friends, courting and dating? if yes then i will say before going further ask yourself am i sure of this step i am taking in life.

    You may barely have a working friendship, even though you’ve know each other for most of your life. He/she may be a very nice guy, at times. He/she may be a very nice guy most of the time. But once you notice danger you need to think before further steps and If you decide to invest more of yourself into this relationship than you already have, you are most likely to experience

    being hurt.
    Take control over you. Who you see, what you do, etc. Whether or not he/she succeeds depends upon your strength.
    lastly your beautiful dream will be shattered
    If he/she is dating different people then you need to stay away from such relationship.

    I suggest we don’t get involved with people of such when we knew their type. they need help to structured their life. Otherwise, you will get hurt.

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